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T. Gabrielle Barnes



​Growing up I’ve always had a knack for coordinating events for my family and friends, which eventually led me to starting my own event planning company , that focused solely on curating women empowerment events;

Divas in the City, 2006.


In addition to planning & hosting empowerment events,  I began to receive many request from those in need of an event coordinator for their special days.  This prompted me to start Gift of Gab Events LLC.  

Over the years I have been blessed to coordinate some of the most exciting and creative events. As my love for “all things” special events related continued to grow so did my creativity and involvement in multiple areas of the industry.   


Creating candy and dessert tables for my clients became a true passion of mine.  Anytime I needed treats or desserts, I would have to outsource for those items.  I am always up for a challenge and I like to be able to offer my clients a 1 stop shop kind of experience, so I tried my hand at treat making and baking.  Originally our desserts were made exclusively for our dessert table setups, but we received tons of orders for just our delicious desserts.  Fast forward several years and Gift of Gab Events LLC gave birth to Gabs Gourmet Goodies.  You don’t have to wait to try Gabs Goodies on a dessert display, our yummy goodies are available all the time for order.

Gabs Gourmet Goodies is all about offering premium flavors and gourmet goodness.  


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